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100 _aMangahas, Mahar K.
245 4 _aThe relevance of poverty measurement to food security policy /
300 _ap.191-202
490 _aVol. 11 No. 2 Second Sem 1984
520 _aThis paper describes the relevance of poverty measurement to food security policy. Poverty measurement activities and food security policymaking are acquainted with each other. Food security policies are said to be undertaken out of a concern for the poor; but they do not seem intended as measures to deliberately reduce the incidence of poverty. The measurement of poverty is not yet undertaken too frequently; when it is, nutritional status ar access to food is the most common criterion that is used. Yet this, has not implied that poverty reduction policies include food related policies and give them higher priority than policies related to other commodities
650 _aFood policy
650 _aFood security
650 _aPoverty
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_tJournal of Philippine Development
856 _uhttp://dirp3.pids.gov.ph/ris/pjd/pidsjpd84-2foodsecu.pdf
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