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090 _aRB 02.01.02 Routledge RLO 2013
100 _aLoughlin, John ; Kincaid, John ; Swenden, Wilfried
245 _aRoutledge handbook of regionalism and federalism
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_bRoutledge, Taylor & Francis Group
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500 _aPart 1: Theoretical and Comparative Approaches to Federalism and Regionalism. Reconfiguring the State: Hybridity vs. Uniformity / John Loughlin ; Typologies of Federalism / Ronald L. Watts ; Plurinational Federalism and Political Theory / Ferran Requejo ; The penumbra of federalism: a conceptual reappraisal of federalism, federation, confederation and federal political system / Michael Burgess ; Territorial Strategies for Managing Plurinational States / Wilfried Swenden ; Federalism, Regionalism and the Dynamics of Party Politics / Eve Hepburn and Klaus Detterbeck ; Fiscal Federalism and the Political Economy of Territorial Finance / Anwar Shah ; Federalism and Public Policy: Do Federalism, Regionalism and Hybridity make any difference? -- Evidence from Environmental Policy / Sonja Wälti ; The "New Regionalism" and the Politics of the Regional Question / John Agnew ; Economic Regionalism in Federal and Hybrid Systems of Government / Pieter van Houten. -- Part 2: Case Studies by Region North America. The United States of America: From Dualistic Simplicity to Centralized Complexity / John Kincaid ; Canada: Federal Adaptation and the Limits of Hybridity / James Bickerton and Alain G. Gagnon ; Mexico: From Centralized Authoritarianism to Disarticulated Democracy? / Steven T. Wuhs Europe ; The Belgian Federation: A Labyrinth State / Kris Deschouwer ; Germany: Federalism under Unitary Pressure / Arthur Benz and Jörg Broschek ; Austria: A Federal, a Decentralized Unitary or a 'Hybrid' State? Relations between the Welfare State and the Federal State after 1945 / Franz Fallend ; Switzerland: Europe's first federation / Paolo Dardanelli ; Russia: Involuted Federalism and segmented Regionalism / Richard Sakwa ; Spain: the Autonomic State / Francesc Morata ; Italy: Between the Hybrid State and Europe's Federalizing Process / Beniamino Caravita ; Sweden; Federalism in the land of centrally guided regionalization / Niklas Eklund ; Devolution in the United Kingdom / Charlie Jeffery ; Poland / Pawel Swianiewicz, Warsaw University ; France: from the 'One and Indivisible Republic' to the Decentralized Unitary State / John Loughlin Asia ; India: A Hybrid Federal-Unitary State? / Rekha Saxena ; Assessing hybridity in the People's Republic of China: The impact of post-Mao decentralization / Susan HendersAsia-Pacific ; Australia: an 'integrated' federation? / Cheryl Saunders ; Indonesia: Arbitrary polity, unitary state / Damien Kingsbury Africa ; Nigeria: a Centralizing Federation / Rotimi Suberu ; Federalism in Ethiopia: Hybridity in Ambiguity? / Sarah Vaughan ; South Africa -- the reluctant hybrid federal state / Nico Steytler ; Brazil: from 'Isolated' Federalism to Hybridity / Celina Souza ; Tensions between Centralization and Decentralization in the Argentine Federation / Lucas González ; The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela: An Empty Constitutional Federation? / Christi Ranguel Ferrero ; Lebanon: the Hybridity of a Confessional State / Michael Kerr and Amal Hamdan. -- Part 3: Failed Federations. 'Federalising the Federation': The Failure of the Yugoslav Experiment / Florian Bieber ; Czechoslovakia: A Peaceful Disintegration / Michal Ilner. -- Part 4: Transnationalism Regionalism. Federalism and the European Union / Simona Piattoni ; The North American Free Trade Agreement: The Limits of Integration / Douglas M. Brown ; African Union: From Practical Federalism to Fantasy Union / Thomas Kwasi Tieku.
650 _2Regionalism. Federal government. Political science -- Essays. Political science -- Government -- General. Political science -- Government -- National.
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