Milo, Ma. Melanie S.

Contagion effects of the Asian crisis, policy responses and their social implications / - p.67 - Vol. 26 No. 2 Second Sem 1999 .

This paper looks at the contagion effects of the Asian crisis on the Philippine economy, the policy responses, and their social implications. In particular, the paper discusses the role of the financial sector in the evolution of the crisis. In Section II, the recent performance of the Philippine economy, the financial sector and the social sector is reviewed in order to better situate the Asian crisis and its contagion effects on the Philippines. Section III then looks at the economic and social impacts of the Asian crisis on the Philippines, as well as the government's policy responses. The government's social safety net programs are then discussed in Section IV. Finally, Section V presents some conclusions and the continuing policy issues.

Asian crisis
Asian Development Bank-International Fund for Agricultural Development Rural Microenterprise Finance Project (ADB-IFAD RMFP)
Comprehensive Program for Displaced Workers
Economic growth - Philippines
Enhanced Retail Access for the Poor (ERAP)
Enhanced Retail Access for the Poor -Palengke ng Bayan (ERAP-PB)
Enhanced Retail Access for the Poor -Rolling Store (ERAP-RS)
Enhanced Retail Access for the Poor- Sari-Sari Store (ERAP-SSS)
Financial reforms
Helping Individuals Reach their Aspirations Microcredit (HIRAM)
Lending Program
Rural Works Program
Social Reform Council (SRC)
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