Socioeconomic Research Portal for the Philippines

The Socioeconomic Research Portal for the Philippines (SERP-P) is an online knowledge resource that contains socioeconomic studies and materials produced by the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) and other academic and research institutions. Its establishment is in line with PIDS’ mandates of providing a common link between the government and research institutions, and of establishing a repository of socioeconomic research information.

SERP-P is the country’s first electronic repository of policy research and information that capitalizes on research networking, where users can access socioeconomic materials in various formats—journal articles, books, working papers, policy notes, research papers, newsletters—from multiple sources.

Knowledge for Development Community (KDC)

The Knowledge for Development Community or KDCs are schools, policy and research institutions in the Philippines that work in partnership with the World Bank to promote knowledge sharing and citizen engagement about development issues. They were established through a knowledge partnership between the World Bank and these institutions since 2002.

The KDCs are:

  • Online resource centers which provide free access to the World Bank’s Open Development sites.
  • Knowledge facilitators which providing training on the use of the World Bank’s Open Development data, tools, and platform.
  • Convenors of dialogues on development issues, such as governance, education, health, climate change and disaster risk reduction and economic growth. They are channels which facilitate information exchange and feedback through consultation and discussion with members of civil society to include the government, the private sector, development agencies, academe, media, non-government organizations and people’s organizations.
  • Supported by development partners that provide information about development issues

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