Library Collection

The resources of the PIDS Library include books, serials and periodicals and CD-ROMS. Suggestions for library materials may come from the PIDS management and staff with the Inter-Office Library Committee overseeing the selection process to avoid duplication.

The Library has maintained an open-access policy wherein users can bowse and consult materials independently.

The Classification System is based on the OECD Macrothesaurus.

General Collection

Includes books, conference papers and proceedings and collected reprints that are complimentary or exchange from the academe, the government and the private sector.

Reference Collection

This collection includes general reference materials and/or documents focusing on specific information about a subject matter. The materials under this collection are:

  • Dictionaries, Atlases and Guides
  • Directories, Handbooks, and Manuals
  • Yearbooks

Serial Collection

A serial collection consists of documents available in any medium and issued in successive parts, such as journals, bulletins, newsletters, etc.

PIDS Collection

The PIDS publishes various outputs like the Books, Philippine Journal of Development, Economic Policy Monitor, Research Paper Series, Development Research News, Policy Notes, Economic Issue of the Day, Working Papers, and Staff Papers. These outputs are filed separately under this title collection.

Reserve Books

These are the books purchased by the Institute upon the request or suggestion by the staff and approved by the Inter-Office Library Committee and the Management Committee.


Includes downloaded pdf files of journals and books from online open access journals.

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